FlexiPaste FAQs

The white Flexi Paste come in 200 g and 400 g packs as well as a bulk pack of 1600 g containing 4 x400 g packs . The colors come in 200 g packs in foliage green , peony pink and poppy red with more colors planned in the future !

Yes totally but not as sweet as traditional flower and Gum pastes

It has a subtle floral overtone making it perfect for small decorations to decorate Cupcakes , Cookies , Cake pops , confections , Entremets etc

Yes 100 % suitable for Vegan and vegetarians

Yes thinner than any other commercial paste on the market yet retains its structural integrity and strength

FlexiPaste is designed to work in any climatic condition including high humidity areas as its starch based it’s not as hydroscopic so will not collapse like normal flower and gumpaste .

I developed a special FlexiGlue That stays flexible for flower making , creating decorations like bows , dressing figures etc See main information about features

I remove enough for my project then touch my finger on a container or vegetable based fat , shortening , solid coconut oil etc and what I refer as conditioning the paste , if you are re using the paste after another project you can dip in a container of water or mist it with a fine spray bottle to soften and relax it .

FlexiPaste has a 15 month life when manufactured but will keep After that time as no ingredient to go bad it’s just by law it has to have a use by date set by the Government yet it remains perfect after that date

If say you are making lots of flowers , bows etc you can take 50-100 g out of pack at a time , place into a separate plastic bag or wrap in plastic wrap / cling film and microwave for 5-10 seconds , open bag or wrap and add some vegetable fat / shortening and color if desired.

It depends on size , thickness and ambient temperature and humidity but petals can be assembled an hour or so after being made due to the unique properties of FlexiPaste

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