I have developed a special glue called “FlexiGlue” that I recommend you use to attach your petals onto wires and for projects like bows, as the glue also will be “flexible!” I have always used egg white for traditional gumpaste flower creations. But now, making a flower like a rose or an orchid throat will be so much easier as the paste will remain flexible during the dusting process. Traditional egg white or edible glues will not hold the petals or throats together as they will dry hard and will separate from the petals or throat if moved. I created “FlexiGlue” which is made with “FlexiPaste.” It’s easy to make and shelf stable so no refrigeration is needed. You can download the recipe here:
And watch my YouTube video of me demonstrating how to make the Flexipaste here:

Ediable Glue Method and Procedure


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